Alfa Romeo Exchange

Welcome to the Alfa Romeo Exchange, where the goal is to track global supply and demand for classic Alfa Romeos (pre-1990). 

For-sale listings for Alfa Romeos have always been fragmented, widely scattered in user forums, blogs, Craigslist, eBay, the back of club magazines, on dealer websites, etc., proving very difficult for buyers to effectively search and compare suitable cars. With this Alfa Romeo Exchange, all listings may be brought to one location while including essential information and a link to more specifics and/or photographs. When a buyer is in the market for a classic Alfa Romeo, The goal of the Alfa Romeo Exchange is to be the buyer's first stop.

To track supply, there is a For-Sale Listing (see link in the navigation bar to the left) that displays cars for sale, submitted within the past 30 days. After 30 days, entries are automatically deleted in order to keep the listings fresh and relevant. For-sale entries may be submitted by sellers or others who come across listings elsewhere which have not been submitted. Sellers may consist of individual owners listing their car for sale, or dealers, consignors, auctioneers - all are welcomed to submit listings - obviously this listing becomes more useful as the number of submissions increases. To submit, there is a Submission Form to fill out (also found in the navigation bar, a sub-link to For-Sale Listing); once the Submit button is clicked, the entry immediately appears as the top-most line (most recent) of the For-Sale Listing.

To track demand, there will be a Wanted Listing, which will come live shortly. This listing will list cars desired by Alfisti and others, including description of such cars and relevant contact information. It will be up to sellers with suitable cars to make the initial contact with these potential buyers.

The chief advantages of using the Alfa Romeo Exchange are represented by a wider (global) set of potential buyers for the seller, and a greater pool of suitable cars for the buyer. The more Alfisti take advantage of the Alfa Romeo Exchange, the more relevant it becomes. 

Good luck on your next sale or purchase!

For questions, suggestions, or comments, please e-mail: